Aviation Alphabet Quiz

You are going to take 14 questions related with aviation alphabet quiz (Nato alphabet). You must find the correct spell of the words given. There will be three choices for each question, find the correct one. Results are below the page. We hope you will enjoy… 🙂


1) Charlie Alfa Romeo ——- 2) Foxtrot Lima Yankee ——– 3) Alfa Romeo Tango ——– 

4) Papa Oscar Oscar Lima ——- 5) Tango Hotel India November ——— 6) Yankee Alfa Whiskey

7) Papa Echo Tango ——– 8)  Echo Alfa Tango ——— 9) Golf Alfa Papa ——– 

10) Juliet Echo Tango ——- 11) Kilo Echo Yankee ——– 12) Oscar Whiskey Lima ——— 

13)  Romeo Alfa Tango ——– 14) Sierra Alfa Whiskey

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