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Below you will find some tests checking aviation related skills like Cube folding, Spatial orientation and Inductive reasoning. You may face with these kind of tests in DLR Candidate Selection Test for Pilots, FEAST – First European Air Traffic Controller Selection Test or during some of other application process for some positions.

(Your total grade will be summed after all tests. Just click to the answer, questions will automatically change. Max point is 300).

Cube Folding Test

You will see an open cube image with some dots placed on the sides and you will need to find the folded form of the cube among options. There will be five possible answers and just one of them is correct. Once you choose, the next question will appear automatically. Keep in mind that in real exam you will face with a time limitation. Enjoy and good luck.

DLR cube folding PPT 1 - 1

Spatial Orientation Test

Images on the questions look like a screenshot from snake game. There is a line on the screen with various turns to two sides RIGHT and LEFT and you are expected to determine number of turns to a direction. The purpose of this test is to address your perception in the plane. Keep in mind that in real exam you will face with a time limitation. Enjoy and good luck.

DLR - VLR 3 - 1

Number of LEFT turns ?

Inductive Reasoning Test

You are going to take 10 questions. There will be 5 images with 1 missing on each question. There is at least one relation between these images (generaly more than one relation) and according to the relation(s), you must find the missing one . You will probably face with time limitations in real test but there is no time limit for this.

inductive 4 - 1

For more Quizes to practice on your aviation skills click

DLR - cube folding test - PPT
Cube Folding
DLR spatial orientation VLR
Spatial Orientation

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