DLR – Cube rotation 1

You are going to take 10 questions Cube rotation test. You will listen a voice record on each question starting with the initial position of the mark on the cube. Then you will hear sequence of commands. After voice record you are expected to determine the final position of the mark on the cube. There will be three possible choices and one of them is correct. One you make your choice and click to “Go Ahead” button new question will appear and the voice recording starts automatically. Keep in mind that this cube rotation quiz is a demonstration of the real test and there can be some differences like speed of the recording, number of commands…

We highly recommend you to read the related article before start.

Enjoy and Practice !

Are you ready to go ? the voice recording will start automaticly !

1) Bottom —– 2) Back —– 3) Front —– 4) Right —– 5) Top —— 6) Right —— 7) Back —– 8) Top

9) Top —— 10) Top

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