Inductive Reasoning – 6

Inductive reasoning tests are sometimes a part of some processes (Assesment test). It may be needed to pass for a job applicant for a specific position. We know that in aviation, many companies require some assessment tests including inductive reasoning. Please write us if you want to take more tests. We hope you will enjoy and improve yourself.

You are going to take 10 questions. There will be 5 images with 1 missing on each question. There is at least one relation between these images (generaly more than one relation) and according to the relation(s), you must find the missing one (You will find the solution page below writing down the relations for each question). You will probably face with time limitations in real test but there is no time limit for this.

inductive reasoning 6 - 1

1) B —— 2) A ——- 3) B —— 4) C ——- 5) A ( Lines goes two shapes / and two shapes \ ) ————- 6) A ( Arrow clockwise, star goes counter clockwise on the edge of the arrow by one corner bounce) —— 7)  shapes goes inside out, black shape goes outside inside than inside out ——- 8) sum of opposite corners are 10 and 1,2,3… turns  clockwise ——- 9) sum of corners on each group of shape is equal to 12 —– 10)  C

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