Inductive Reasoning Quiz

Inductive reasoning tests are sometimes a part of some processes. It may be needed to pass for a job applicant for a specific position. We know that in aviation, many companies require some assessment tests including inductive reasoning. Please write us if you want to take more tests. We hope you will enjoy and improve yourself.

You are going to take 20 questions. There will be 5 images with 1 missing on each question. There is at least one relation between these images (generaly more than one relation) and according to the relation(s), you must find the missing one (You will find the solution page below writing down the relations for each question). You will probably face with time limitations in real test but there is no time limit for this.

inductive reasoning 1

A)inductive reasonin 1 answer BB)inductive question 1 answer 3C)inductive reasoning question 1 answer

1) Line goes clockwise, Circle on the center goes black white sequence , Circle on the corner goes counter clockwise.

2) Space on the circle goes quarter and counter clockwise, square goes clockwise, Circle on the center goes two, one sequence.

3) Line on the center goes horizontal, vertical sequence, shapes on the corner goes counter clockwise and in sequence.

4) Circle goes  on three steps and black white sequence. Star goes left right and white black sequence.

5) Line dividing the triange starts right corner, left corner, upper corner sequence.  Arrow goes clockwise and shows R,L,U,D in sequence. 

6) Space on circle goes counterclockwise and imaginary 135 degrees. Small circle is on the opposite of space. Bent dividing the circle horizontally goes Up Down sequence.

7) Line on the center goes counter clockwise. three white and three black small circles are in sequence.

8) center square goeas B / W sequence. circle in the pentagon goes 1/3/5 sequence and startin circle goes clockwise.

9) Triangle is always black. Shapes goes outer to inner side. Line goes clockwise.

10) Biggest diagonal line goes / to \ . After first image the down side of the remaining part is always black.

11) Single (white) line goes counter clockwise. Black corner goes counter clockwise and divides into pieces 1,2,3,4,5 sequences.

12) Shapes are getting black from the inside out.

13) Circle goes counter clockwise and line goes counter clockwise as well.

14) Circle goes black and white order and counter clockwise, line goes clockwise with 1d, 2d, 3d, 4d (d=45 degrees).

15) Circle turns 90 degrees counter clockwise. Star goes first left till corner. Then it goes to right till corner. Second slice from the outbound is black.

16) Circle goes black and white order and counter clockwise. star goes counter clockwise.

17)  Diamond on the center goes B \ W. Hexagon on the first image goes counterclockwise and with order. (hexagon, pentagon, rectangle, triangle, circle). Just opposite for the circle on the right bottom.

18) The triangle on the top corner goes clockwise and with order (triangle, circle, square) and the slice goes counter clockwise.

19)  Number of black parts goes 1,2,3,4 order. Diagonal line goes \ to / .

20)  Number of inside triangles goes 2,1 sequence. Circle goes counter clockwise. and the line goes left to right, then right to left.

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