Lufthansa Considers asking Government for Financial Support

Coronavirus also hit European airlines. Lufthansa has announced that it is reviewing the option of getting financial support from German government. The closure of airports could also be on the agenda.

German airline Lufthansa plans to apply for options such as asking financial aid and reducing activities due to the crisis caused by coronavirus.

Lufthansa Chief Executive Officer Carsten Spohr stated that the effects of the crisis are becoming more and more dramatic, and they want to discuss the issue of “active support when needed” with the governments of countries with branches like Austria and Switzerland outside Germany.

According to the news that Reuters news agency is based on a video message of Spohr’s company employees, he noted that the number of reservation cancellations made per day has exceeded the reservations, and the measures such as the US restrictions on flights to Europe have deepened the crisis. It is stated that the number of Lufthansa’s flights to the USA has decreased from 70 to four per day.

“Two-thirds of the planes will remain on the ground”

Reuters reported that state-based loans are among the options, but the company has not yet made such an application.

“At least two-thirds of the company’s nearly 800 aircraft will not be airlifted in the coming days,” Spohr said in a video message. Lufthansa announced earlier this week that it would cut the number of flights by half, with a total of 23,000 flights cancelled from the end of March to the end of April.

Additional measures are planned in hub points such as Frankfurt, Munich, Vienna and Zurich as the effects of the coronavirus outbreak on the world economy have not yet been predicted, and measures such as the temporary closure of airports or centres have been raised Spohr added.