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Deadliest Aircraft Accidents Worldwide

Hello everyone, I’m here with another report. In this report, data on deadliest aircraft accidents in aviation history are used.

Unfortunately, there have been many fatal accidents in aviation history. Some of these have been extremely popular. Moreover, these accidents and the lessons learned from these accidents played an important role in the development of aviation.

Aviation enthusiasts are well aware of the Tenerife accident. It took place on 27.03.1977 at the airport in Tenerife / Spain. A total of 583 people died in this accident. Tenerife disaster is the deadliest accident in world history to date. And we hope it remains the deadliest accident forever ­čÖé

The data used in the report were taken from the relevant article from the wikipedia site. When the references of the related article are examined, it is seen that official civil aviation authorities and academic studies are among the sources used in the creation of the data.

In addition to all these, a total of 20 accidents were selected by random selection method on the data set with a total of 552 accident information, and these accident information was checked from different sources.

Deadliest Aircraft Accidents report has an interactive structure, you can analyze by clicking on the record you want.

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