Aviation Reports

Airports of Germany and Numbers Between 2015-2021

Hello everyone, This report is prepared specifically for airports in Germany.

On the first page of the report, data for the years 2015 – 2016 are used. Airports in the report are among the top 100 airports with the highest number of passengers worldwide.

The line chart shows the rankings of the airports by year. On the cards at the top, there are passenger numbers of the airports according to the years. In addition, the percentages of increase/decrease in the number of passengers over the years are also shown.

The graphics are interactive. By clicking on the airport you want, you can access the analysis specific to that airport.

On the second page of the report, the information of almost all airports and airfields in Germany are shown and their locations on the map are pointed. The cards in the top row include the airport’s name, ICAO code, Latitude, longitude information and elevation information.

The report is interactive; you can access the information about any airport by clicking on the airport name you want.

The data on the number of passengers used were obtained from wikipedia. When the data is examined in the related article of Wikipedia, we see that the data is obtained from the reports of the aviation authorities of each country. Airports coordinate information can also be accessed from aviationfile – Data section. (Please contact if you have any questions about data.)

Note: This report has been prepared in Turkey, the country I live in. For this reason, the map language is Turkish. It is currently not possible to change this as a PowerBI visual feature. (Anyone who knows a solution method may contact me via [email protected])

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