Aviation Pioneers

  • Legendary Aerobatic Pilot Murat Öztürk, Who is He?
    The passion of aviation can change a person’s life very sharply. Flying, being free in the sky is probably one of the most special feelings
  • Muhammed Ahmed Faris – First Syrian Citizen To Go Into Space
    It is extremely important for each country to have experts in their fields for the development of those countries in these areas. The presence of
  • Maya Ghazal – First Female Syrian Refugee Pilot
    Aviation history is full of many brave and passionate people. Especially when we think about the oppression and discrimination against women in many geographies around
  • Frank Wang, the Founder of DJI
    Drones are a fairly popular type of aircraft that are used for a variety of different purposes. They are used both in by many militaries
  • Who is Hanna Reitsch?
    Aviation history includes many pioneering names. These pioneering aviators inspired the people who came after them. There are many women who have come to the
    When we think of aviation in its early days, we think of either the United States of America, or specific European countries. However, one businessman
  • Who is Cengiz Topel?
    In this article, we will talk about the life of an important military pilot in Turkish aviation history. Let’s take a closer look at who
  • Who is Cahar Dudayev?
    Aviation history is full of many talented people. In this article, we will talk about a person who is passionate about aviation and also talented
  • Who is Vicki Van Meter?
    Aviation history is full of extraordinary people. The desire to fly has influenced human beings since the earliest times of history. In this article, we
    During World War II, the use of airplanes in combat was crucial as it meant another dimension that you could gain advantage on. However, not
    When we think of Aviation today, we generally talk about Commercial Aviation. However, since their invention, airplanes have also been instruments of war. They were
  • Who is Hezarfen Ahmed Celebi?
    People are curious by nature. The interest in the unknown and the desire to explore are found in man. Thanks to these feelings, very critical
    Aviation today is lead by the United States of America, since the Wright brothers invented and flew the first motor-operated airplane in the world. However,
  • Mohamed ATTA – 09/11 ?
    Many aviators have their names written in gold letters in the history of the world. In addition to these, unfortunately, some people have mentioned some