What is Plane Spotting? and some awesome spotting places.

Plane Spotting or Aircraft Spotting engage lots of people around the world. It is usually understood as taking photos of planes but no it’s not that. You can just enjoy watching the movement of the aircraft and that is also plane spotting.

Let’s briefly go to history. Plane spotting was not just a hobby in history. During World War II and Cold War some countries built corps from their citizens for public security. For example, UK built Royal Observer Corps and it operated between 1925 and 1995.

Let’s turn back to the hobby. For many years with the increase demand to plane spotting, airports build plane spotting places or terrace for spotters. On the other hand, there are some natural places like beaches, roads, parks where you can clearly watch the landing or departure of an aircraft.

Firstly, here are some natural plane spotting places.

St. Mareen Int. Airport (Maho Beach)

plane spotting St. Mareen
St. Mareen

No doubt one of the most famous place of plane spotting is this beautiful sunny beach at St. Mareen. Maho Beach or often referred to “Airplane Beach” lies directly on under the final approach path of the runway 10. It truly deserves its reputation.

 Skiathos Int. Airport

Skiathos island plane spotting
 Skiathos Int. Airport

It is not a busy airport but it is located on a Greek Island called Skiathos. The the road and the car park on the final approach for runway 20 is one of the best plane spotting places. For some spotters you will see the plane on the lowest height as possible.

Los Angeles LAX. International Airport (In N Out Burger)

LAX plane spotting
Los Angeles LAX. International Airport

Our next destination is on the fantastic west coast of United States. Los Angeles the In N Out Burger which is just under the final approach of northern runways offers a perfect spotting point for aviation lovers. When the number of air traffic is considered the LAX and the In N Out Burger is one of the best plane spotting places.

 London Heathrow Airport (Myrtle Avenue)

Myrtle Avenue Heathrow
London Heathrow Int. Airport
Source: Google Maps

Another good point for spotters is the Myrtle Avenue. For arrival aircrafts, you can shoot perfect pictures from runway 27L of London Heathrow Airport. Moreover, when you consider the number and variety of the aircrafts Myrtle Avenue has a well-deserved place on the list.

New York JFK Airport

For sure the city that does not sleep and one of the main airports of that city. JFK offers to the spotters a lot. JFK is one of the busiest and complex airports of U.S and it has eight terminal buildings and four runways and that means there are more than one spotting places. Let’s count the places outside of the airport.

Brookville Park Mounds: You can spot the aircrafts of arrival to runway 22L and departure of runway 04R.

Bayswater Park: You can spot the aircraft of arrivals and departures on runways 04L, 04R and 31L.

Inwood Park: This place is good for afternoon spotting for the arrivals of runway 31L.

Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt plane spotting
Frankfurt Int. Airport

Frankfurt Airport is one of the most spotter friendly airports worldwide. You can enjoy spotting from the beautiful terrace at the top of the Terminal 2 of the airport. Moreover, there are three different places where you can enjoy different perspectives. Berlin Airlift Monument, Takeoff Runway West and Landing Runway Northwest. For details please click.

Amsterdam Schiphol Int. Airport

Schiphol plane spotting
Schiphol Int. Airport

Schiphol Airport is another perfect place for plane spotting. The airport is very crowded among European airports and you can easily spot lots of different types of aircrafts. In addition, with a good planning you can spot some heavy or rear types like B747. Schiphol airport offers a panorama terrace at the top of the terminal and two other zones out of the aerodrome. Spotter zone at Polderbaan and Spotter zone at Buitenveldertbaan. For details please click.

Finally, I hope that you have a picture in your mind about the plane spotting and I hope that you will enjoy it. Please check the availabilities of any spotting location before you arrange a visit from officials. 

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