Road to ATPL

Throughout history, humanity has had the desire and curiosity to fly. Undoubtedly, one of the best options where you can experience the desire to fly as profession today is to become a Commercial Airline pilot. So how do you become a commercial airline pilot? What training is required to sit in an A330 cockpit? Let’s talk about Road to ATPL in this article.

Before I go into more detail about Road to ATPL, I would like to point out a few things. First of all, there are pilot licenses approved by many different authorities in the world. At this point, although the general outlines and the steps followed in general are similar, there may be changes between the rules of different authorities. In addition, there are many aviation schools around the world and these schools train the pilots of the future. Similar trainings may be in different order in different schools.

C172 is one of the most popular trainer aircraft

Some airline companies have established their own flight schools. These flight schools train the pilots who will work in their own fleets. TURKISH AIRLINES FLIGHT ACADEMY can be an example as a flight school operating in this way within Turkish Airlines.
Let’s look at some of the terms you will encounter during the road to ATPL;
PPL: Private Pilot License
CPL: Commercial Pilot License
ATPL: Airline transport pilot license
NR: Night Rating
IR: Instrument Rating
TR: Type Rating
MEPR: Multi Engine Piston Rating

Road to ATPL
Road to ATPL