How To Find the Best Flight School

Choosing the flight school that suits you best. Below you will find some tips and recommendations while searching for flight school.

*What is your purpose?

What is your aim to start the flight school? Before you start everything, you should first ask this question to yourself. Maybe you just want to fly for hobby. Maybe you want to become a commercial pilot and want to choose this path as a profession. Or you have pilot license and you just want to fill in the flight time or add more ratings like (instrument rating, multi engine rating…).

*Is the location important to you?

The answer to this question will be generally yes. Maybe the places within a certain distance to the city or country where you live may be suitable for you. So, clarifying this before you start searching will help you filter schools.

*Possible opportunuties after education

Some flight schools may offer you some opportunities for the process after your education. For example, if you commit that you will fly for the company after your education, they may make a reduction in your training fees or even they can cover all. Some companies, which usually have their own flight academy, can offer such opportunities. For example, in Turkey, Turkish Airlines is one of the companies engaged in this form of recruiting student pilot.

*Physical conditions / Facilities of the flight school

After starting your education, you will take many theoretical and practical lessons. This means that you will spend long time at school. The physical conditions of the classrooms, the conditions of the buildings, facilities, airport, runway (s) will be very important. Therefore, you should search for these conditions and if you have a chance you may go and visit the school/academy.

*Flight school’s aircraft fleet

An important factor that determines the quality of the flight school is the features such as the age and number of models of aircraft they offer to their students. In addition, it is imperative that these planes are maintained regularly. When choosing your flight school, be sure to consider this situation.

*Instructors of the flight school

As in all areas of education, educators are one of the most important factors that determine the quality of education. When choosing your flight school, do research on the instructor staff and try to learn the trainers’ experiences and background in the aviation field. Working with instructors who are both experienced and keep their knowledge up to date can be beneficial for your career.

*Flight school to be approved by the authorities

Another matter to consider when choosing your flight school is which authorities are approved by the flight school. For example, EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) is a confirmation that must be in the licenses of flying commercial pilots based in the European airspace.

*Contact the flight school directly and ask your questions

Contact the flight school directly and ask your questions. You should definitely contact the flight schools by phone or e-mail so that you can have more detailed information on many issues. As an example, ask for the duration of the trainings, the answer you receive will give clues about the discipline of the school.

*Syllabus of education

Search for the syllabus of the training. Look to their website or ask the syllabus of training via email or phone. It is important to enroll to a well and professionally designed training. And a well-designed syllabus gives a clue about the quality of the programme

*Communication with the graduates of the school

After determining your school and before enroling, try to reach people who have recently graduated from school if you can. Do not forget, you can get the freshest information about the school in your mind from the people who graduated from that school.

   *Fee and payment terms

Maybe I am finally writing what I need to write at first ?

Pilot training is a relatively expensive all over the world. You fly for a long time during the training period, which brings many expenses such as fuel expenses and aircraft maintenance. Although flight schools’ fees are close to each other in the same regions, sometimes there may be serious differences. In addition, terms of payment are very important for sure. Before choosing your flight school, be sure to check the school’s price policy and find out the payment terms.

Keep in mind that the list is not ordered for any priority and you must decide your priority considering your personal unique situation.

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