Who is an aircraft marshaller?

Although aviation industry wasn’t always as developed as it is today, over time it became what it is now. Today this huge industry creates lots of value in the lives of many. Throughout its journey to become the way it is today, there have been numerous developments in aviation that are quite ingenious. While some of these developments require advanced technology, some of them are as simple as waving certain gestures to the pilot. In this blog post we are going to discuss one such very simple, yet effective, development that has had a huge impact on aviation. Here we will learn about what an aircraft marshaller is, what they do and how they do it.

What is marshalling in aviation?

When we are talking about professionals who are working in the aviation industry, many people instantly think about pilots and maybe flight attendants. This is basically because when you are flying in a plane, these are the people that you will encounter. However, aviation is a much more complicated endeavour and there are many more people who play a part in an aircraft’s flight process and reaching its destination.

One of such professions that contribute to planes moving from point A to point B in a safe manner is aircraft marshaller. Marshalling in aviation refers to the personnel on the ground signalling visually to the pilot in an aircraft for communication, helping the pilot move the aircraft around on the airfield, especially during the parking process.

What does an aircraft marshaller do?

There is a lot of work that go into logistics in aviation. Because flying an airplane safely and making sure that it arrives its destination in a timely manner takes huge teams of people working for this goal. An aircraft marshaller is a crucial part of this process since they communicate with the pilots from the ground and guide pilots on the field. Therefore aircraft marshallers ensure safety when the pilot is parking the aircraft.

Guiding the pilots on the airfield real time, an aircraft marshaller needs to stay focused and act fast as new situations develop. All in all aircraft marshalling is an essential part of aviation focused on guiding the pilots when moving around on the airport, especially during the parking process.

aircraft marshalling signals
Marshalling Signals

What is the main objective of aircraft marshalling?

Aviation is inherently a risky field and we need to take many precautions to avoid accidents that can cost lives. Especially on busy airfields, parking the aircraft and moving it around can be quite dangerous without proper communication. Therefore, when it comes to making aviation as safe as possible, communication is one of the key factors. Aircraft marshalling is one of the methods of communication between the aircraft and the airfield.

When the pilot is moving the aircraft around on the airfield, many things can go wrong. Because an airfield is a very dynamic location with many changes occuring at any given time. An aircraft marshaller is responsible for guiding the plane on the airfield to and from its parking stand, while minding these changes at all times. So, we can say that the main objective of aircraft marshalling is to guide pilots on airfields.

How do you become an aircraft marshaller?

If you are interested in becoming an aircraft marshaller and have the appropriate skills for becoming one, you might be wondering how to become an aircraft marshaller. Firstly, in order to become an aircraft marshaller, you will need to have a high school diploma as well as the specialized training that teaches you about marshalling in aviation. Moreover, you need to have the ability to work outdoors.

Along with these you will need to pass a background check since the places you will be working on are secure areas of airfields. While some employers prefer to hire those with military experience, this may not be necessary. If you have the required qualifications, you may need to start in an entry level position until you get enough experience.

Where does an aircraft marshaller work?

Aircraft marshaller is responsible for making sure that the pilot moves the plane around in an airfield safely especially while parking the aircraft. So basically aircraft marshallers work in airports as well as aircraft carriers and helipads.

Although you might have seen this profession in action on an airport, you may not be aware of the presence of aircraft marshallers on aircraft carriers and helipads. In short, aircraft marshalling is an important profession that has a crucial function in aviation.


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