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Lawrence Hargrave: Australian Pioneer of Flight

Lawrence Hargrave, a true Renaissance man – engineer, astronomer, inventor – played a crucial role in laying the groundwork for modern aviation. His innovative designs and experiments directly influenced the development of flying machines.

Early Life and Australian Focus

Born in England in 1850, Hargrave’s adventurous spirit wasn’t limited to New Guinea expeditions. He actually settled in Australia, where his lifelong fascination with flight blossomed.

Studying Flight, Not Birds

While intrigued by the problem of flight, Hargrave’s research focused on the principles of aerodynamics, not necessarily mimicking birds. He experimented with various flying models, including monoplanes powered by different methods, like compressed air.

The Box Kite Takes Flight

Hargrave’s most significant contribution came in 1893 with the invention of the box kite. This innovative design, with its lightweight frame and cleverly angled surfaces, generated significantly more lift than traditional flat kites.

Among many, three of Hargrave’s inventions were particularly significant:

  • study of curved aerofoils, particularly designs with a thicker leading edge;
  • the box kite (1893), which greatly improved the lift to drag ratio of early gliders;
  • work on the rotary engine, which powered many early flying machines up until about 1920.

A Kite-Powered Flight, Not The First Australian

In 1894, Hargrave achieved a notable feat. He tethered himself to a train of his box kites and lifted himself off the ground. This wasn’t the first Australian flight, but it did demonstrate the potential of kites for controlled, heavier-than-air flight.

Inspiring the Future of Flight

Hargrave’s dedication to aerodynamics and his groundbreaking box kite design significantly influenced the Wright Brothers and other early aviation pioneers. His work directly contributed to the development of airplanes and the future of powered flight, though he himself never pursued a powered aircraft.

Lawrence Hargrave: Australian Pioneer of Flight
From 1966 to 1994 the Australian 20 dollar note featured Hargrave on the reverse.

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