Aileron of an Airplane

On this article we will analyze aileron part of an aircraft. You will find definition, basic principles and more about aileron.

Parts of airplane - aileron
Parts of Airplane

 All movements of the aircraft during flight depend on the pressure distribution on the aircraft. The basic control surfaces for a fixed wing aircraft work on the principle that these surfaces stop against the airflow and distort it, thus creating a high pressure zone. When the control surfaces are operating, the pressure symmetry on the two opposite sides of the plane is distorted.
This is how the desired movement takes place.

Roll – Pitch – Yaw

The ailerons are placed on the trailing edge of the wingtips and run in opposite directions. When the pilot tilts the lever to the left, the aileron on the left side rises and the aileron on the right side descends. As the hump increases in a partial area on the right wing, the intensity of the circulation increases and the aircraft rolls to the left. As long as the ailerons do not reach the zero position, the plane continues to roll.

Aileron Functional Summary

– Ailerons enable the aircraft to roll on the longitudinal axis.

-These parts are located on the trailing edge and end of the wings.

– It is located near to the tip of the wing because momentum is asked to affect the aircraft more.

-Pilots control ailerons from cockpit with a lever.

– This movement of ailerons (one up while the other one goes down) also may create situations that are difficult to control.

– In general the aileron that goes up should be opened less than the aileron that goes down. These remedies reduce the efficiency of the wing.

– In addition, rubber parts are placed to prevent interference between the wing and aileron.

– Some large passenger jets or airplanes have two ailerons on each wing. After a certain speed, these aircraft use ailerons closer to the fuselage instead of the ailerons at the wingtips.

Aileron Roll Movement

One of the main movements in aerobatic flights are aileron rolls. The aileron roll is an aerobatic maneuver where the longitudinal axis of an airplane makes a full 360 ° turn. When properly applied, there is no noticeable change in altitude and the airplane exits from the same direction as the maneuver, the roll axis is very close to the center of the plane. It is sometimes confused with barrel roll.

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