Lufthansa says it will take years to recover-Covid19

Lufthansa, German giant and one of the leading airline company in the world. Like all stakeholders in aviation, Lufthansa is dealing with difficulties due to covid19 pandemic. (Lufthansa covid19 precautions).

Lufthansa group is enhancing precautions to deal with financial impact of covid19 pandemic. Germanwings, low cost airline branch of Lufthansa is going to shut down.

“Germanwings flight operations will be discontinued,” Lufthansa declared after a meeting of the group’s executive board. More than 40 aircrafts will be blighted.

Lufthansa assesed that it will take years to have the worldwide air travel demand again which was in pre-crisis period. And even worldwide travel bans and restrictions will take months to disappear.

By (07.2020) Lufthansa aims to integrate the Covid-19 test results with tickets.

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