What is FEAST test for ATC ?

Who’s reading this article right now. Think about a doctor or an engineer… Please think about what are the most important skills that profession requires? Are you curious about Feast test for ATC candidates?

For a doctor, knowledge and composure are essential qualities. Or aren’t communication skills a vital feature for a salesperson to succeed? Or is planning and management for an administrator, not the qualifications sought for that position?

Feast exam is a computer-based test developed by EUROCONTROL. This test measures the capabilities of air traffic controller candidates such as visualization, sorting ability, planning, multi-tasking, alertness, english listening and comprehension which are really required to be an air traffic controller.

Let’s take a brief look at the development process. Feast test developed and tested by Eurocontrol between 2000 and 2005. The test was made available to Air Traffic Service Providers who officially requested it in 2006. Then, in 2010 and 2016, the data obtained in exams and in the process were analyzed and updates were made. The feast plus exam was last released in 2018.

Preparation for Feast Test

According to Entry Point North, (one of the largest global ATS academy):

“Although it is understandable that candidates want to prepare for the tests, it will probably be a different type of preparation than you are used to. Because many abilities that are important in air traffic control such as spatial orientation cannot be learnt, preparing for the FEAST tests is not the same as the kind of preparation you might have made in the past for school examinations. “

They are somehow right, but I want to add and remind that you can reach and aware your full potential on the sections by practices and preperation techniques. So it is fair to say that if you are rusty on your related abilities training will help to shine them before test date.

In addition, Entry Point North indicates that being familiar with Air Traffic Control and improving English will push you forward on the process and that is totally true. Click for article: ATC- who are they ?

Sections and detalis of Feast test

Test of FEAST consists three parts, FEAST I, FEAST II and FEAST III. first part consists five tests and second part two multi-tasking tests and finally a personality questionnaire as FEAST III. ( FEAST II test is generally follows a succesful competion of FEAST I. )


The first phase of FEAST aims at measuring your basic skills and abilities in decisionmaking, logical reasoning, visual perception, attention, multi-tasking and spatial orientation. In addition this phase includes a test on your English language knowledge. Keep in mind that all sections of the tests are computer-based and therefore the use of a keyboard and a mouse will be required.

Spatial Orientation test example

(you will see your score after completing all questions)

[chained-quiz 21]


” It will take approximately 2 ½ hours to take the web based tests. There will be a 10 minute break during the test session. Every test will be preceded by an introduction which explains the principles of the test and which gives example items and solutions. You will get an opportunity to answer a sample question to make sure you know what is being asked of you. Some tests will use a multiple-choice format, i.e. you will receive a number of solutions to choose from. Only one solution will be the correct one. In other tests, you will be required to react as quickly as possible. In general, you should always try to work as quickly and precisely as possible. It is important to note that each candidate sits the tests under the same conditions and with the same instruction.” (www.eurocontrol.int).


 After you have successfully passed the FEAST test phase I a possible second round of testing is on the way. In this second phase you will do one or two work sample tests:

· FEAST Dynamic ATC Radar test (FEAST DART)


“These tests are aimed at measuring your multi-tasking abilities. The tests will require you to perform a number of different tasks at the same time like in the job of an Air Traffic Controller. However, it is important to note that again no preknowledge about ATC procedures or other specific knowledge is required. These tests are designed for beginners with no background in ATC. The tests instructions are very detailed and ensure that everything is explained before the tests starts.” (www.eurocontrol.int).

For totally free quizes on our website that may help you to warm up please click.

I hope this post has answered some questions in your mind about the Feast exam. For more detailed information about the exam, visit the (www.eurocontrol.int). website.

You may want to have a look to the feast test training application.

Spatial Orientation
Cube Folding Question sample

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