Covid19 – Eurocontrol Supports Airlines

With 41 members, Eurocontrol agreed on a support package for airline companies on 7th of April, 2020.

Due to covid19, daily flights over European airspace have declined more than 90%. This situation seems to continue for a couple of months. Airlines are one of the deeply affected companies from global pandemic covid19.

To overcome the sudden cash flow crisis, airlines need support from all stakeholders. Eurocontrol and 41 member states have agreed on a support package to help airlines.

The airlines flying over Europe airspace are allowed to defer their payment for Air Traffic Control services for moths from February to May. This support is thought to help airlines to save 1.1 billion-dollar cash during these hard days.

In response to this support, “This is exactly the kind of solidarity which the industry needs to show during this period of deep and unprecedented crisis. Once the COVID-19 restrictions start to be lifted, Europe will need its airlines to be in good enough shape to be able to jump-start the economy. This charges delay will help make a big difference in that cause,” said Rafael Schvartzman, IATA’s Regional Vice President for Europe.

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