Aviation Pioneers

Aldasoro Brothers – Mexican Aviation Pioneers

Early Family Background

The Aldasoro Brothers were both known to be the pioneers of Mexican aviation. They were born in Hidalgo State of Mexico, in a quite wealthy family. Juan was born on September 14, 1893 and Eduardo was born on October 27, 1894. Their father served as Minister of Public Works at the time of Porfirio Díaz. He was General Manager of the “Las Dos Estrellas” Mine. This advantage of being healthy made quite a benefit for their future career.

Designation and Testing Studies

Reportedly, The Aldasoro Brothers had been always together since their early childhood. Non-separable brothers alternated their high school studies with their vocation to mechanics and flight. Through the publications and magazines of their time they were informed of all the events that illustrated them in the field of aviation. They began to devise and build their first gliders. In 1908, they began designing and implementing their first glider that was tested in the fields of the Piedad Cemetery.  They accomplished splendid triumphs since they accomplished their longing to fly in their own airplanes. Brothers wanted to realize the goal of accomplishing a couple hundred meters. They have designed a specific glider. They carefully disguised it to prevent someone from stealing their designs.

aldasoro brothers
source: earlyaviators.com

March 9, 1909 was a vital day for them. They took the glider to an open area which would provide an unobstructed course for them. They attached the glider to the steam car named “White”, the fastest car of those days. Juan Pablo would be the pilot, and his brother Eduardo would be responsible for driving the car to pull the glider. However; an unexpected accident happened suddenly on this test flight. Juan Pablo survived this accident with a broken leg.

This accident did not discourage the brothers at all. On the contrary, when they saw that their aircraft could fly, they decided to make a safer engine that could be adapted to the plane. They completed the construction and testing of the engine in January 1911, it was air-cooled, capable of developing up to 60 hp and 900 RPM. Its key feature was its weight / power ratio of which was 3 kilos per hp. A long time before other European designers, they planned profoundly effective “thick wing”. They improved the streamlined features of the airplane. Subsequent to amassing all the segments, the fueled airplane was fit to be tried.

Before testing this, the Minister of War, General Angel Garcia Peña decided that the brothers should be awarded scholarships by Mexican Government. In addition; they should attend the New York aviation school. Aldasoro Brothers were the first Mexicans to graduate as a pilot on March 12, 1913. On graduation day, Juan Pablo was eventually authorized to fly over the Statue of Liberty.

As Juan Pablo and Eduardo Aldasoro flew “solo” before 1916, they are perceived as a component of the Early Birds of Aviation. They served not only as organizers but also educators for the up-and-coming age of pilots.