Coronavirus, Mortuary work on Birmingham Airport

Birmingham, second biggest city of UK. It is located at the inner West side of the country. Nowadays, because of the covid-19 crisis the Birmingham Airport is considered to be used as Mortuary.

Before the crisis according to the web site of airport, by 2033 the airport is forecast to handle more than 18 million passengers a year. This means a %40 increase when compared with today.

But nowadays another extraordinary usage idea on the table. Due to predicted increase on Covid-19 cases using Birmingham Airport as Mortuary is considered. It is said that at least 1500 bodies can be stored at the airport.

West Midland Police confirmed that the mortuary project has started.

After UK Prime minister Boris Johnson, his health secretary and medical advisor tested positive for Coronavirus measurements are tightened by authorities.


By 28.03.2020 at United Kingdom according to wordometers.info

14,543 Cases

759 Deaths

135 recovered

are the Coronovirus numbers.

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