How Much Does an ATC Earn?

In this article, we are going to cover the average salaries of Air Traffic Controllers for countries globally. Before we start there are some points that I want to indicate. Maybe you are an ATC candidate having a research and you are curious about salaries of ATC. If so, be sure that being an ATCO is not type of proficiency just done for money. Being an ATC has some difficulties which potential candidates must take into consideration before stepping in. There are lots of news pointing that being and ATC is one of the most stressful jobs globally.  Just search about these topics: Stress of being an ATC, potential health problems of ATC… Bad news first ?

On the other hand, being an ATC has lots of benefits. In addition to its high responsibility, job satisfaction is on high level for ATC in general. By giving orders to all traffics in the area of responsibility ATC organizes and manages the air traffic (for detailed article about who is ATC ). These are just some positive sides and we can enhance them ( recommended further reading “ 13 Characteristics of an Air Traffic Controller”).

Now let’s come to our point: Salaries. I will give detailed numbers from all over the World and I hope that they will help you to build a good frame.

While comparing the numbers among countries take into consideration the purchasing power and economic situation of the countries. For example, in country A you may build a better life with a lower salary than in country B.

(Data obtained from www.salaryexplorer.com)

United States of America

ATC salaries range between 42.700$ to 163.000$ per year in USA and the average salary is 103.000$ per year. With a simple calculation average monthly salary of an ATC equals to 8.560$ per month.

United Kingdom

A person working as an ATC in UK typically earns average of 79,900 GBP per year. And the range is between 36.800 GBP to 127.000 GBP. With a simple math average monthly salary of an ATC in U.K is 6.660 GBP per month.


An ATC in France typically earns average of 53,200EUR per year. The salary range varies between 24.500 EUR to 84.600 EUR. When we calculate the average, it makes 4.430 EUR per month.  


ATC earn average of 32.700 CNY per month and the number ranges between 15.100 CNY to 52.000 CNY. 1 CNY equals around 0.14 $ and with a simple math 32.700 * 0.14 = 4.578 $ per month.


In Russia the average salary of an ATC is 112.000 RUB per month, and varies between 51.700 RUB to 179.000 RUB. 1 RUB = 0.014 $ means 112.000 * 0.014 = 1568 $ per month


A person working as an ATC in Brazil typically earns around 9.870 BRL per month. Salaries range from 4.540  BRL to 15.700 BRL. 1 BRL is equal to 0.18 $ and it makes 9.870 * 0.18 = 1.776 $ per month.


In India the average salary of an ATC is 34.700 INR per month. Salaries range from 16.000 INR to 55.100 INR. 1 INR equals to 0.013 $ that means 34.700 * 0.013 = 451 $ per month.


An ATC in Australia earns average of 99.300 AUD per year. Salaries range from 45.700 AUD (lowest) to 158.000 AUD (highest). This means 8270 AUD per month and 1 AUD = 0.66 $ means 8270 AUD equals to 5.458 $ per month.


An ATC in Norway earns around 628.000 NOK per year. The salary varies between 289.000 NOK to 999.000 NOK. 1 NOK = 0.10 $ and it makes 628.000 * 0.10 = 62.800 $ per year, 62.800 / 12 = 5.233 $ per month.


An ATC working in Canada earns around 137,000 CAD per year. Salaries range from 63.100 CAD to 218.000 CAD. 1 CAD = 0.72 $ means 137.000 /12 = 11.416 CAD, 11.416 * 0.72 = 8.220 $ per month.

As you see salaries differ according to countries, moreover it is up to you to consider that if these amounts are matching with your expectations or not. Keep in mind that the exchange rates are for the date 11.06.2020 and may differ drastically for some countries.

I hope that this article helps you to build a good frame about income of an ATC and again if you are a potential candidate I highly recommend you to consider all sides (positives and negatives) of being an ATC.

ATC salary map
ATC Salary Map 2020