Aviation Accidents

Pan Am Flight 759

Pan Am Flight 759 was a regularly scheduled domestic passenger flight from Miami to San Diego, with en route stops in New Orleans and Las Vegas. On July 9, 1982, the Boeing 727 flying this route crashed in the New Orleans suburb of Kenner after being forced down by a microburst shortly after takeoff.

Date: July 9, 1982
Aircraft: Boeing 727-200
Registration: N4737
Tail number: Clipper Defiance
Cause: Microburst
Fatalities: 153 (145 on board, 8 on the ground)

The crash of Pan Am Flight 759 was the deadliest aviation disaster in the United States in 1982. It was also the deadliest accident involving a Boeing 727 in the history of commercial aviation.

The flight was carrying 145 passengers and 7 crew members. Shortly after takeoff, the plane encountered a microburst, a sudden downdraft of air that can create winds of up to 100 knots. The microburst caused the plane to lose lift and crash into a residential area in Kenner. All 145 people on board the plane were killed, as well as 8 people on the ground.

The crash of Pan Am Flight 759 led to a number of changes in the way that microbursts are monitored and forecast. New radar systems were developed that can detect microbursts, and pilots were trained on how to avoid them. As a result of these changes, there have been no major accidents involving microbursts since the crash of Pan Am Flight 759.

Aircraft: Boeing 727-200, Registration: N4737

Here are some additional details about the crash:

– The plane was taking off from runway 10 at New Orleans International Airport.
*The microburst occurred about 2,376 feet (724 m) from the end of the runway.
-The plane struck a line of trees at an altitude of about 50 feet (15 m).
*The plane broke apart on impact and caught fire.
-All 145 people on board the plane were killed, as well as 8 people on the ground.
*The crash caused $10 million in damage.

The crash of the 727 was a tragic event that claimed the lives of 153 people. However, the changes that were made in the wake of the crash have helped to prevent similar accidents from happening in the future.


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