Drone-UAV Rules, Regulations

(Drone- UAV Rules and Regulations)

The first drones were developed by A.M. Low in 1916 and in the following years, the limited edition Hewitt-Sperry automatic aircraft was used during World War I.

Yes, human have and human use drones-UAV’s for more than a century. Im the beginning it was used widely for security and military purposes but with the help of technology, especially after 2000 implementation of UAV’s in different fields increased (UAV – unmanned Aerial Vehicle ).

Nowadays, drones are in everywhere, we can count many fields like farming, photography, filming, search and rescue and more… In addition people use drones just for fun.

With the affordable prices, usage of drones in civil environment increased in a mind blowing speed and undoubtedly will continue to increase. This brings new problems and new questions to the field.

First of all, the classification of drones becomes an issue. There are lots of different types and sizes of drones. For example, the drone named piccolissimo (click for pictures) is just 2.5 grams and 39mm. On the other hand, the drone ehang216 (click for pictures) is capable of carrying max 260kg is 5.61 meters in length and 1.76 meters in height.

Some Aviation authorities published some regulations about this classification. The main perimeter of this classification is size. Here you can find some examples (New Zealand , Australia). Indeed there will be more regulations and updates about drone classification in the future.

Let’s continue with the drone registration. As I indicated in the beginning the number of drones flying in the airspace increased a lot and will continue to increase day by day. You can buy a drone from a technology market with your credit card and that’s all. You are ready to fly! But this is so frightening. All these drones must be under control and authorities must know owner of the drones. And here comes the drone-UAV registration system. Many countries established online drone registration systems and they follow the drone and the registered pilot of that drone via this systems. You can find UK system (Click) and Turkey system (Click).

Drone-UAV rules, regulations
Drone- UAV rules and regulations

Here the question comes to mind. Who commands to these drones? Do they have any qualifications?

Drone-UAV pilots: There are drones which you can command from a mobile device via application and they are quite simple. You can learn easily how to use just by watching tutorials. On the other hand, there are some complicated ones which require additional training to use. Again there are some rules about drone pilot certification. To use special drones you must have specific  UAV-pilot certificate. FAA drone pilot certification (Click).

Until now we all talk about drones and the pilots. Now here is the biggest question: How can we implement these drone operations into the conventional aviation ?


All Countries published lots of restricted or prohibited areas where there must not be flights over these zones. Military zones, Critical zones, industrial zones are some possible examples. With the help of ATM (Air Traffic Management) systems till now everything was in order. But how about drones? Do all Drones have Transponder codes that allow them to track on radar? or what are the counter actions against the evil-minded drone pilots?

 Finally it’s for sure that drone technology is so precious and will change the future aviation. But besides there are lots of efforts to minimize the negative effects of drones, all these questions are on table.

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