Parts Of an Airplane – Fuselage, Engine, Cockpit…

In this article we are going to look to the parts of an airplane in detail and we will see what are their purposes.

Parts of airplane
Parts of Airplane

Lets look purposes of airplane parts


Part of plane cocpit

The area at the front of the plane where pilots control the aircraft


Fuselage part of Aircraft

The main part, body and the carrier of the aircraft where the wings, tail part and cocpit are       attached. It is like a chest of a human.


jet engine

Engine of an aircraft can be classified as Turbo Prop, Turbo Jet, Propeller and Pulse Jet. Supplies power to aircraft’s avionics as well as generates thrust and lift to fly the aircraft.


wing with a winglet

Wing is one of the main part of an aircraft. It homes to some other parts like spoiler, aileron, flap  and mainly consists the fuel tanks in it. Starboard wing is the name of the right side wing and Port wing is the left side.


Spoilers are panels mounted on the upper surface of the wing that, when extended, both increase drag and decrease lift by disrupting the airflow over the wing. Dependent upon the aircraft type, spoilers can serve as many as three distinct primary functions:

  • Ground spoilers
  • Roll spoilers
  • (Flight) spoilers or Speedbrakes


Ailerons are a primary flight control surface which control movement about the longitudinal axis of an aircraft. This movement is referred to as “roll”. The ailerons are attached to the outboard trailing edge of each wing and, when a manual or autopilot control input is made, move in opposite directions from one another.


Flaps are a high lift device consisting of a hinged panel or panels mounted on the trailing edge of the wing. When extended, they increase the camber and, in most cases, the chord and surface area of the wing resulting in an increase of both lift and drag and a reduction of the stall speed


Vertical stabilizer: It is a fixed wing section  and It is used to improve the balance or stability of the aircraft and it is in the tail part of the aircraft.

Horizontal Stabilizer: It is a fixed wing section whose job is to provide stability for the aircraft, to keep its flying straight. It prevents up-and-down, or pitching motion of the aircraft nose.


The rudder is a primary flight control surface which controls rotation about the vertical axis of an aircraft. This movement is referred to as “yaw”. The rudder is a movable surface that is mounted on the trailing edge of the vertical stabilizer or fin.


An elevator is a primary flight control surface that controls movement about the lateral axis of an aircraft. This movement is referred to as “pitch”. 

Rudder and Elevator parts of a plane
Rudder and Elevator of a Plane

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