Size of an AN-225 Mriya vs Football Pitch

The AN-225 Mriya is a massive aircraft, much larger than any other commercial airplane in the world. The Mriya stands at 84 meters in length, 88.4 meters in wingspan and it is 23 meters tall. It was developed by Antonov, a Ukrainian aircraft manufacturer, and was first launched in 1988.

This aircraft is so large that it can carry up to 250 metric tons of cargo, making it the largest cargo plane in the world. But how does this massive machine compare to a football pitch?

Football Pitch

A standard football pitch, according to FIFA regulations, is a rectangular field that measures 100-110 yards in length and 64-75 yards in width. This means that the length of the football pitch is roughly between 95-110 meters and the width is around 60-75 meters.

Compared to the AN-225 Mriya, the football pitch is significantly smaller. The aircraft is 84 meters in length, which is shorter than the length of a football pitch, which is around 105 meters. On the other hand, the Mriya’s wingspan is 88.4 meters, which is much wider than a football pitch that is only 60-75 meters wide.

AN225 Mriya vs Football Pitch

To put it in perspective, if we place the Mriya on a football pitch, the aircraft would cover almost the entire length of the pitch and its wings would hang over the sidelines. In fact, the Mriya is so large that it requires six wheels on each landing gear to ensure the plane does not tip over when landing.

In conclusion, the AN-225 Mriya is an incredibly large aircraft that dwarfs a football pitch in size. Its massive dimensions allow it to carry an incredible amount of cargo. The next time you see a football pitch, take a moment to imagine the size of this massive machine and appreciate the sheer size and strength of the AN-225 Mriya.

AN-225 Mriya