Autonomous Runway Incursion Warning System (ARIWS)

An Autonomous Runway Incursion Warning System (ARIWS) is a safety system that is designed to reduce the risk of runway incursions at airports. ARIWS provides real-time information to pilots and air traffic controllers about the location of aircraft and ground vehicles on the airport surface, thereby preventing collisions and other accidents.

ARIWS is a key component of the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Runway Safety Program, which aims to reduce the number of runway incursions at U.S. airports. The FAA began testing ARIWS technology in 2012, and it has since been deployed at several airports across the country.

Runway incursion
Runway Incursion

The system consists of several components, including sensors, cameras, and software that are installed on and around the runway. The sensors and cameras detect the location of aircraft and ground vehicles and transmit that information to a central computer. The computer then processes the data and generates alerts that are sent to pilots and air traffic controllers.

There are several different types of ARIWS systems, including Airport Surface Detection Equipment (ASDE), Airport Surface Surveillance Capability (ASSC), and Airport Surface Movement Radar (ASMR). Each system has its own unique capabilities and limitations.

ARIWS has been shown to be effective at reducing the risk of runway incursions. According to a study conducted by the FAA, the deployment of ASDE-X, an ARIWS system, at several airports resulted in a 64% reduction in serious runway incursions.

However, there are some challenges associated with the implementation of ARIWS. For example, the technology can be expensive to install and maintain, and there may be issues with data quality and reliability.

Overall, ARIWS is an important safety system that has the potential to prevent accidents and improve safety at airports. As the technology continues to evolve and become more widespread, it is likely that we will see further improvements in runway safety.


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