How are Airport Locations Determined?

In this content, you will see the stages that have been officially published by the International Civil Aviation Organization for the selection or evaluation of a new or existing airport.

The International Civil Aviation Organization, in its report published in 1987, stated that the following stages should be determined, respectively, for the airport location selection.

Determination of the required space: The venue to be selected should be adequate and suitable for factors such as runway length, number of runways, runway direction. When selecting this area, the prevailing wind direction should be considered.

Evaluation of factors that will affect airport layout: factors such as aviation activities, development of the environment, atmospheric conditions, access to transportation system, enabling the expansion of the airport, topographical features, environment, presence of other airports, service opportunities are taken into consideration.

Work on possible location alternatives: Possible airport locations and additional site requirements are drawn on maps. In this way, unsuitable areas can be eliminated.

Checking the ground: Advantages and disadvantages of the determined areas are determined. Spaces are evaluated under operational, social and cost factors. The operational elements considered here are; airspace, obstacles, hazards, weather conditions, approach and landing aids. Social elements; distance to demand, access to highway, noise and terrain. Cost elements; topography, ground and construction materials, facilities, land value.

Environmental study: Air and water quality, noise levels, ecological processes and demographic development of the area are evaluated.

Review of potential location alternatives: Elimination of unsuitable venues from the list.

Final evaluation and selection process: The rating is made based on comparison of the operational, social and cost efficiency of many alternative sites.

Reports and recommendations: Field study reports include the ranking order of sites and their reasons, and recommendations for future action.

Airport Layout
Airport Layout

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