How Big Paris Orly Airport?

Today, airports have become an important part of our lives. When we want to travel fast and safely from one place to another, we find ourselves at airports. Airports are almost like a small city when all their facilities are considered together. So let’s ask the question; How Big Paris Orly Airport?


The runways where planes land and take off, the apron positions where airplanes park, terminal buildings, car parks, commercial areas and many others together form the airport. Considered as a whole, airports actually cover a huge area.

How big do you think airports are? Let’s take a look at how big Paris Orly Airport is, one of the busiest airports in the world. A good way to understand the size of an area is to compare it to another familiar area. So let’s see how many football fields are the size of Paris Orly Airport.

Paris Orly Airport codes; IATA: ORY – ICAO: LFPO

Area: Imagine fitting over 2,100 football fields within the airport’s borders. That’s a whopping 1,500 hectares, making it about twice the size of Monaco!

Terminals: Two main terminals, South and West, cater to millions of passengers each year. Think bustling check-in halls, departure gates galore, and a labyrinth of shops and restaurants.

Passenger Numbers: Orly might not be the international giant its Charles de Gaulle counterpart is, but it’s still France’s domestic champion. Over 33 million passengers fly through its doors annually, making it the second busiest airport in the country.

So, how big is Orly compared to other airports?

  • It’s about 1/3 the size of London Heathrow, but twice as big as Amsterdam Schiphol.
  • Think of it as a smaller, more manageable version of Dubai International, with a dash of Parisian charm.

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