Mastering the Flick (Snap) Roll: An Aerobatic Feat

What is it?

Flick roll, also known as snap roll depending on location, are dynamic rolls performed by aircraft. This maneuver involves rapidly stalling one wing while maintaining lift on the other, resulting in an instantaneous and intense roll.

Yaw - Pitch - Roll axes

How is it done?

  1. Entry: Fly straight and level at a safe altitude and airspeed.
  2. Initiation: Apply abrupt and coordinated control inputs.
  3. Pitch: Quickly raise the aileron on the desired roll direction, causing the opposite wing to stall momentarily.
  4. Yaw: Apply full opposite rudder to the roll direction, inducing rapid yaw and initiating the roll.
  5. Recovery: As the aircraft begins to roll, smoothly neutralize the controls and allow the aircraft to recover to level flight.

Why perform flick rolls?

  • Aerobatic skill development: Mastering flick rolls hones your control skills, coordination, and understanding of stall characteristics.
  • Enhanced aircraft handling: Learning to recover smoothly from stall situations improves your overall aircraft handling capabilities.
  • Confidence boost: Successfully completing flick rolls instills confidence and a deeper understanding of your aircraft’s capabilities.

Safety considerations:

  • Structural stress: Flick rolls exert significant stress on the aircraft structure, so practicing within the aircraft’s limitations and adhering to safety procedures is crucial.
  • Training and supervision: Only attempt flick rolls under the guidance of a qualified instructor in a controlled environment and appropriate aircraft.

Ready to take the challenge?

Flick rolls are an exciting and rewarding maneuver that can elevate your aerobatic skills. However, remember to prioritize safety by undergoing proper training and practicing within the established safety guidelines.

source: https://www.modelairplanenews.com/the-snap-roll-do-it-right/

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