Secret Airplane Bedrooms where Crew Rest and Sleep

Cabin crew and pilots who are tired like every human being need sleep especially in long-range flights. So where do they rest when they need it? Mostly Boeing 777 and 787 planes have a hidden staircase that leads to the tiny windowless bedrooms for them. These secret airplane bedrooms for crew are sometimes called “crew rest compartment”. Passengers are generally unaware of the existence of these rooms and cannot be easily noticed by design.

Let’s take a look at what these secret rooms look like.

Although it varies depending on the aircraft, the rest rooms of the cabin crew are usually located behind the cockpit and above the first class like the Boeing 777.

Hidden stairs lead to the bedrooms where the crew will sleep and rest.

Stairs are usually hidden behind an inconspicuous door near the cockpit. Usually a password or key is required to open it.

Sometimes it is entered through a hidden cover on the ceiling. American Airlines Boeing 773 is one of them.

Depending on the plane, there can be 6 to 10 beds in this area. In addition, there is a separate personal storage area for each person.

The Boeing 777 also has two compartments for pilots. Depending on the plane, there are two seats, washbasins and toilets in these sections.

The beds are usually 1.8 meters long, 76 centimeters wide and divided by curtains.

Besides preventing the sound, another function of the curtain is to provide privacy.

In addition to personal storage space, the beds also have reading lamps, hooks and mirrors. Moreover, blankets and pillows, pyjamas are sometimes available.

Some airline companies also offer bed comfort to their passengers according to the class.

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