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Surinam Airways Flight 764

Surinam Airways Flight 764 was an international scheduled passenger flight from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the Netherlands to Paramaribo-Zanderij International Airport in Suriname on a Surinam Airways DC-8-62. On 7 June 1989, the aircraft crashed short of the runway in heavy fog, killing 176 of the 187 passengers and crew on board, including 15 professional football players and several high-ranking military officials.

Flight 764 on map illustration

The crash was caused by a combination of factors, including:

-The pilot’s decision to continue the approach despite the poor visibility.

*The failure of the airport’s instrument landing system (ILS), which would have helped the pilot to land safely in the fog.

-The pilot’s lack of experience flying in bad weather.

The crash of Surinam Airways Flight 764 was the deadliest aviation accident in Suriname’s history. It also had a significant impact on the Dutch-Surinamese football community, as many of the victims were members of the Colourful XI, a Dutch-Surinamese football team that was scheduled to play a match in Paramaribo the day after the crash.

In the aftermath of the crash, there were calls for the closure of Paramaribo-Zanderij International Airport, as it was considered to be too dangerous to operate in bad weather. However, the airport remained open, and it has since undergone a number of safety improvements.

The crash of the Flight 764 remains a tragedy that claimed the lives of 176 people. It is a reminder of the importance of safety in aviation, and of the need for pilots to be experienced in flying in bad weather.

Surinam Airways DC-8-62

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