The Lowest Airport in the World – Bar Yehuda Airfield

Bar Yehuda Airfield (MTZ) is the lowest airport in the world, located 378 meters (1,240 feet) below sea level in the Judean Desert, Israel. It is a public concession, mainly used as an alternate airport, and for charter and sightseeing flights. The airfield is named after Israel Bar-Yehuda, a former Israeli Air Force pilot.

Imagine this: your plane dips below the horizon, greeted by the stark beauty of the Judean Desert. As you touch down, the Dead Sea’s turquoise expanse stretches before you, framed by rugged cliffs. This is Bar Yehuda, an aviation anomaly where breathtaking views compete with the thrill of landing at Earth’s lowest point.

The airfield was Opened in 1963, and has been used by the Israeli Air Force, the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority, and the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. It is also used by private pilots and aviation enthusiasts.

The Lowest Airport in the World - Bar Yehuda Airfield
Runway Direction:

The airfield has a single runway that is 1,200 meters (3,937 feet) long. The runway is made of asphalt, and is surrounded by sand dunes. The airfield is not equipped with radar or navigational aids, so pilots must be familiar with the area in order to land safely.

Due to its low altitude, Bar Yehuda Airfield is prone to fog and strong winds. These conditions can make it difficult for pilots to land safely, and have caused several accidents at the airfield.

Despite the challenges, the Airfield remains an important part of the Israeli aviation industry. It provides an alternate landing site for aircraft flying to or from Ben Gurion International Airport, and is also used for charter and sightseeing flights. The airfield is also a popular destination for aviation enthusiasts, who come to see the lowest airport in the world.


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