What is Zone Boarding?

While all airlines do basically the same thing, the truth is that the way airlines carry out these duties can vary greatly as passengers move from one place to another. Especially at the point of boarding!

Boarding is the final check at the boarding point. With the announcement of the aircraft for the passengers a certain time before the departure time of the aircraft, the passengers pass through the last checkpoint in turn and get on the plane, guided by the officer. However, airlines apply some methods in order for the passengers to settle in comfortably and this settlement takes place in a rapid manner and does not cause delays in the flight. This is called zone boarding in the aviation community.

zone boarding

Let’s take the American Airlines zone boarding application as an example. American Airlines has nine different boarding groups, numbered in ascending order. Groups one to four are made up of first class or business passengers, frequent flyer passengers, or military service passengers. After they are boarded, the fifth group is the “Main Cabin Extra” group, and they are boarded together up to the eighth group following the seat number. The last group is the economy class passengers without cabin furniture, which is called the basic economy group.

In short, with the zone boarding application, the passengers who will board the plane are divided into groups, and priority groups are taken to the plane by being arranged according to the regions on the plane. Such an application will ensure rapid cycling of the aircraft, thus shortening the aircraft’s time on the ground and providing a comfortable layout for the passengers in turn.

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