Aviation Pioneers

Who is Simeon Petrov?

Simeon Petrov was the first Bulgarian to fly in Bulgaria. He was a pioneering aviator who made his first flight in 1909, using a French-built Voisin biplane. Petrov was a self-taught pilot and his flights were considered to be a major achievement for Bulgaria, which was then a young nation still in the process of developing its own identity and national pride. He made several successful flights in the following years, and his achievements helped to promote aviation in Bulgaria and inspire future pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Petrov’s legacy is still celebrated in Bulgaria today, and his contributions to the development of aviation in the country are remembered and honored.

Monoplane - Biplane
Biplane – Monoplane

Simeon Petrov During Balkan War

During the Balkan War of 1912-1913, Simeon Petrov made several flights as a reconnaissance pilot for the Bulgarian army. He flew his Voisin biplane over enemy lines, providing valuable information to the Bulgarian commanders on the positions and movements of the enemy forces. He also flew several humanitarian missions, dropping food and medical supplies to the wounded and stranded Bulgarian soldiers on the front lines.

Petrov’s reconnaissance flights were considered to be a major asset for the Bulgarian army, as they provided valuable intelligence that helped the Bulgarian commanders to make more informed decisions and plan their operations more effectively. His flights also helped to improve the morale of the Bulgarian soldiers, who were encouraged by the sight of a Bulgarian pilot flying over their heads.

Despite the dangers of flying over enemy territory, Petrov managed to complete his missions successfully and without incident. He was hailed as a hero by the Bulgarian people and his contributions to the war effort were widely recognized and appreciated. After the war, Petrov continued to fly and promote aviation in Bulgaria, and his legacy as the first Bulgarian aviator remains an important part of Bulgarian aviation history.

Simeon Petrov
Pilot license of early Bulgarian aviator Simeon Petrov (1888-1950)

Simeon Petrov and Aviation School

In addition to his flying achievements, Simeon Petrov also played an important role in the development of aviation education in Bulgaria. After the Balkan War, he founded an aviation school in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. This was the first aviation school in the country, and it was designed to provide training for aspiring pilots, mechanics, and other aviation professionals.


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