What is Vertiport: Your Gateway to the Future of Flight

Imagine a world where buzzing electric air taxis whisk you across cityscapes, landing on sleek platforms perched on rooftops or nestled near transport hubs. This futuristic vision is closer than you think, thanks to vertiports.
Think mini-airports, but for a new generation of aircraft: electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicles. These futuristic machines promise quieter, cleaner, and faster journeys, revolutionizing urban mobility.
Imagine whisking across cityscapes in electric air taxis, zipping between rooftops and landing on sleek vertiports. This sci-fi dream is inching closer to reality, and vertiports, the designated launchpads for these futuristic vehicles, are poised to transform urban mobility. But what exactly are they?


Beyond Helipads: A New Era of Flight Awaits

Forget the image of dusty helipads. Vertiports are purpose-built mini-airports designed for electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicles. Picture bustling hubs with:

  • Enhanced Safety & Efficiency: Dedicated landing areas, advanced air traffic management, and charging/maintenance infrastructure ensure smooth operations.
  • Unmatched Convenience: Located on rooftops, urban centers, or near transport hubs, vertiports offer seamless connections within and between cities.
  • Sustainable Travel Takes Off: eVTOLs, typically electric, significantly reduce noise and emissions compared to traditional aircraft, making your journey kinder to the planet.

Vertiports: Adapting to Your Needs

Just like cities, vertiports come in various sizes and functions:

  • Vertihubs: Think mini-airports handling passenger and cargo eVTOLs, offering comprehensive services like ticketing and lounges.
  • Vertistops: Imagine smaller landing pads for quick pick-up and drop-offs, potentially integrated into existing infrastructure like buildings.

The Vertiport Revolution is Taking Flight

While not yet commonplace, vertiports are actively being developed and tested, paving the way for a transportation revolution. Imagine faster, quieter, and more eco-friendly travel options connecting cities and revolutionizing commutes.

There are several examples of vertiports that have been built or are currently in development around the world.

Uber Elevate: Uber has been working on developing a network of vertiports for its planned urban air transportation service, Uber Elevate. The company plans to launch its first commercial flights in 2023.

Volocopter Vertiport: German company Volocopter has developed a prototype vertiport for its electric VTOL aircraft. The company has announced plans to build vertiports/voloports in several cities around the world, starting with Singapore.

Volocopter – Volocity

Skyport: London-based company Urban Air Port has developed a prototype vertiport for electric VTOL aircraft, called Skyport. The company plans to build Skyports in urban areas around the world to support the deployment of electric VTOLs for transportation and logistics.

EHang Skyport: Chinese company EHang is developing a network of vertiports for its autonomous electric VTOL aircraft, the EHang 216. The company has announced plans to build vertiports in several cities in China and around the world.

EHANG 216 - 184 Specifications
EHANG 216 – 184 Specifications

Jaunt Air Mobility: New York based company Jaunt Air Mobility plans to build a network of vertiports to support the deployment of their electric VTOL aircraft for air transportation, logistics, and emergency services.

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