Days to celebrate in Aviation

The aviation industry is a highly specialized environment and consists of many skilled workers. Pilots, ATCOs, Ground personnel, Technicians, Engineers, Management Professionals, and more. “Yesterday, we tracked over 225,000 flights in a single day for the first time. Follow more than 20,000 flights right now” was the tweet of Flightradar24 on 25 July 2019 at 05.35 pm. It is a significant number; think about their safe movement, maintenance, passenger services…

There are lots of effort and hard work beyond these numbers!

We must appreciate all the professionals who build this globally connected aviation world. There are many days to celebrate in aviation environment for various professions. All of them are so important and deserves attention. Some of these days are celebrated internationally and have a global impact. In this article, we are going to cover the special international days in aviation. Make marking on your calendar and don’t forget to celebrate them:)

Special days in Aviation

World Pilots’ Day (26th of April)

You may find it interesting but pilots didn’t have a professional day since TALPA (Turkish Airline Pilots Association) offered the day, 26th April, to International Federation of Air Pilots Association in 2013. Since than every year on 26th of April we celebrate World Pilots Day. And in more detail, 26th April is the day of the first flight of the first licensed Turkish pilot Mehmet Fesa Evrensev in 1912.

International Air Traffic Controllers’ Day (20th of October)

Firstly, ATCOs are the people who safely and efficiently manage aircraft from ground, as they take off, fly, and land (for more about Air Traffic Control click). It is fair to say that they are heroes behind the scenes.

IFATCA (International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Association) was founded on 20 October 1961 and represents more than 50.000 ATCOs from all over the world by 2022.

Every year on 20th of October is both the day of International Air Traffic Controllers and the anniversary of IFATCA (International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Association).

We asked DALL-E, a popular AI application as of 11.2023; draw me an image about “Days to celebrate in Aviation”.

Aviation Maintenance Technician Day (24th of May)

Another highly specialized and essential group in aviation environment is Aviation Maintenance Technicians. Let be aware of just one single tiny wrong screw may cause an aviation disaster. Every year on 24th of May, it is the Aviation Maintenance Technicians Day. 24th of May is not randomly decided. 24th May is the birthday of Charles Taylor. He was the first aircraft mechanic and the mechanic who worked with the legendary Wright Brothers.

International Flight Attendants Day (31st of May)

Flight Attendants remain alert for providing comfort, care and safety for hole flight. It is fair to say that they are the “frontline warriors” in aviation. Main part of customer satisfaction responsibility is on their shoulders. Without a break they must be elegant with a smiley face. Every year at 31st of May is International Flight Attendants Day. Don’t forget to celebrate this well-deserved day.

International Civil Aviation Day (7th of December)

International Civil Aviation Day was decided in 1994 on the 50th anniversary of ICAO (International civil. The purpose of this day is to build an awareness of the importance of civil aviation globally and to indicate the role of the aviation industry on social and economic growth of the world. 

Every year on 7 December don’t forget to celebrate…

Women in Aviation Worldwide Week

Women in aviation worldwide week is a global awareness week for women from all ages. One of the objective is to mark the anniversary of the world’s first female pilot license (8 March 1910). Raymonde de Laroche (a French baroness) was the first woman in the world to receive pilot’s license.

 This week is also a call to pinpoint the gender inequality on aviation industry. For more information we recommend you to visit their website .

Many events that seems ordinary and routine in daily life actually contain intense labor and work behind. So celebrating once in a year is a good way to show gratitude and respect…

Special Days in aviation

Wright Brothers Day: Celebrating the Dawn of Flight

On December 17th, the world celebrates Wright Brothers Day, commemorating the historic first flight of a heavier-than-air, motorized aircraft in 1903. This achievement by Orville and Wilbur Wright revolutionized transportation, forever changing the way we connect and explore the globe. Their ingenuity and perseverance paved the way for the remarkable advancements in aviation we witness today, inspiring generations to reach for the skies.

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