De Havilland Canada Dash 8

The De Havilland Dash 8 is a regional turboprop aircraft that has been in service since the 1980s (introduced in 1984). Manufactured by Canadian aerospace company Bombardier Aerospace, the Dash 8 is known for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and affordability, making it an attractive option for regional airlines and operators.

The Dash 8’s design features a high-wing configuration and a spacious cabin, which provides a comfortable and quiet travel experience for passengers. The aircraft’s engines are mounted above the wings, reducing noise levels in the cabin and making it a popular choice for airlines operating in noise-sensitive areas.

Dash 8
Dash 8 of Air New Zealand
Registration: ZK-NET

In terms of performance, the Dash 8 is capable of operating in a variety of weather conditions and terrains, including short and unpaved runways. Its short-field performance, coupled with its fuel efficiency, make it an ideal aircraft for regional airlines looking to serve remote and underserved communities.

Over the years, the Dash 8 has undergone several upgrades, including the introduction of new engines, avionics, and cabin improvements. The latest iteration of the aircraft, the Dash 8-400, is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including an advanced flight deck, improved fuel efficiency, and a quieter cabin.

DH8 - 400 Specifictions
DASH8 – 400 Specifications

In terms of safety, the Dash 8 has a proven track record, with a low accident rate and a history of dependable performance. The aircraft’s rugged design and advanced systems make it well-suited for challenging operating environments, and its cockpit features multiple redundancies to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the aircraft.

In conclusion, the Dash 8 is a versatile and reliable regional turboprop aircraft that has proven to be a popular choice among regional airlines and operators. Its fuel efficiency, comfort, and safety features make it an attractive option for travelers, and its ability to operate in a variety of conditions makes it a valuable asset to regional airlines looking to serve remote communities.

Some of the key specifications of the De Havilland Dash 8:

Aircraft Type: Regional Turboprop

Seating Capacity: Typically between 37-90 passengers, depending on the model and configuration.

Length: 32.8 m (123 ft 4 in) for the Dash 8-400 model

Wingspan: 28.42 m (94 ft 2 in) for the Dash 8-400 model

Height: 8.45 m (37 ft 7 in) for the Dash 8-400 model

Maximum Takeoff Weight: 23,000 kg (50,706 lb) for the Dash 8-400 model

Maximum Cruise Speed: 528 km/h (327 mph) for the Dash 8-400 model

Range: Up to 2,286 km (1,416 miles) for the Dash 8-400 model

Engines: Two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW150A or PW150B turboprop engines, depending on the model.

Service Ceiling: 8,000 m (26,247 ft) for the Dash 8-400 model

These specifications may vary slightly depending on the specific model and configuration of the Dash 8 aircraft.