What does NEO in Airbus models mean?

NEO stands for New Engine Option and it is used by Airbus in the design and production of their aircraft models. The Airbus NEO models refer to the latest generation of Airbus planes that have been designed and manufactured with a focus on better fuel efficiency and reduced environmental impact. The term “New Engine Option” is used to distinguish these models from previous generations of Airbus planes, which were powered by older and less fuel-efficient engines.

A220-300 NEO
image source: Airbus offical website

Some of the popular Airbus NEO models include:

Airbus A320neo: This is a narrow-body aircraft that is designed to carry up to 194 passengers on short to medium-haul routes. It is equipped with new engines that are up to 15% more fuel-efficient than the previous model.

Airbus A321neo: This is a larger version of the A320neo, with a capacity of up to 244 passengers. It is also equipped with more fuel-efficient engines and features a spacious cabin with modern interiors.

Airbus A220neo: This is a small regional jet that is designed for short-haul routes. It is equipped with advanced aerodynamics and more fuel-efficient engines that make it one of the most environmentally friendly aircraft in its class.

Airbus A350neo: This is a wide-body aircraft that is designed for long-haul routes. It is equipped with the latest in aerodynamics and engine technology, which makes it one of the most fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly aircraft in its class.

A320 NEO

Overall, the Airbus NEO models are a testament to the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability. With better fuel efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and improved passenger experience, these models are set to become the new standard in the aviation industry.

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