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When we think of aircraft, it can be easy to first think of commercial or private airplanes that we are mostly used to, and maybe helicopters. However, drones are also considered to be aircraft and they are quite popular. Aside from their use by militaries, drones are used to take photos and videos, as well as for delivering items. DJI (Da-Jiang Innovations) is a tech company from China that is mainly focused on producing drones. In the global drone market DJI is a company that has a significant place. So let’s learn more about this company.

DJI company - Frank Wang
Frank Wang – DJI

The Beginning of DJI

In 2006, DJI was founded by Frank Wang, who is an aerospace engineer and businessman. The company is headquartered in Shenzen and DJI stands for “Da-Jiang Innovations”, which means Great Frontier Innovations. While the company was founded in 2006, we can say that Wang must have already had the idea for it during his university years. He constructed some drone models while going to college and sold them, using the money to start the company. At first, things weren’t so good for the company for a couple of years. However, this was just the beginning for the company.

DJI company Mavic 2
DJI – Mavic 2

Rise of DJI Company

Following the initial start of the company, DJI had some tough years. But during the early 2010s the company was entering its growth stage. At this point the company started to focus on foreign customers, and in 2011, DJI North America was founded. In the following years, DJI produced drones such as Phantom and Phantom 3, which were quite successful and popular projects. Over time DJI became the largest consumer drone company in the whole world and its drone tech was used in many popular TV shows. The company has even earned a Technology & Engineering Emmy Award in 2017.

DJI Company Today

Even though the company has gone through some tough years in the beginning, it has managed to become very successful in the drone market. While the company went through some hardships, it is now dominating the global consumer drone market. As of 2021 the company’s revenue was over $3 billion and it employs over 10,000 people. DJI’s drones were used by the Chinese police as well as the US police. Moreover, the drones manufactured by this company were used during the Covid-19 pandemic in some countries for various purposes. Now the company is operating all over the world with its divisions in China, Japan, North America, Europe and Chile.

Products of DJI Drones

We can say that DJI is a company that focuses mainly on producing drones. Through its history the company has had many successful drone models. Some of its drone product series are Phantom, Mavic, Inspire and Spreading Wings. Right now the company controls a large portion of the consumer drone market in the world. But aside from drones the company has some other products as well. For example, some of these product types are camcorders, certain flight systems, camera stabilization tools, goggles and educational robots.


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