Air France Flight Diverted Due to Disruptive Passenger

Every moment in aviation has its own unique variables. And every event should be evaluated by considering these variables. By this perspective lets consider an interesting divert situation. Disruptive passenger forces Air France flight to divert to Sofia, Bulgaria

Sometimes unexpected and unique events can be encountered during a flight. In such cases, planes may have to divert (what is Divert? and what is alternate aerodrome?). Diverting is unfortunately part of aviation. Planes may have to divert for many reasons. The most common ones are technical problems and meteorological conditions encountered during flight. However, sometimes planes divert for different and interesting reasons.

On March 5, 2021, Air France’s A350 plane had to divert to Sofia/Bulgaria while on a flight from Paris/France to Delhi/India, over Bulgaria.


The cause of the divert is said to be a passenger on the plane. It is alleged that the passenger started arguing with some of other passengers during the flight, attacked a flight attendant and tried to open the cockpit door.

In the face of this situation, the pilots diverted to Sofia to offload the unruly passenger. After that the plane continued its flight and arrived to Delhi approximately with two and half hours delay.

Air France divert due to disruptive passenger