Spoiler of an Airplane

In this article, we will examine one of the flight control surfaces on aircraft wings. Aircraft need many 3-dimensional maneuvers during their navigation. Each maneuver is carried out by controlling the effect of the propulsion of the aircraft and directing it for the desired movement. For example, the lifting force is increased with the help of flaps during take-off. Or, thanks to the ailerons, the plane can do roll maneuver. Or, thanks to the rudder on vertical stabilizer, the aircraft can do yaw maneuver. So what is the Spoiler on the wings of the airplane for? Let’s see.

parts of aircraft - spoiler
Parts of an Airplane

 Spoilers can be used in various situations according to the request of the pilots. We can summarize them in three types.

Roll – Pitch – Yaw

1-Roll Spoiler

They were on both wings. They can be in different numbers depending on the type of plane. These spoilers are used as an aid to Ailerons. So they help roll movement. These spoilers work automatically depending on the Ailerons. Roll commands normally take priority over a speed brake command and spoiler panels will extend or retract accordingly.

2-Speed ​​Brake

It is used to reduce the speed of the plane by opening it by the pilot during the flight. This movement is achieved by opening the spoilers on both wings at the same level and together. Pilot speed adjusts the angle by using the brake lever. Spoiler panels can be used as both speed break and flight spoilers.

 3-Ground Spoiler

Usually all spoiler equipped aircraft have a floor spoiler function. During take-off, Landing or during a rejected take-off, all spoiler panels are extended to their maximum angle. The primary purpose of ground spoilers is to maximize wheel brake efficiency (Spoiler panels also help slow the aircraft by generating aerodynamic drag.) by “disrupting” or unloading the lift created by the wing, thereby forcing the entire weight of the aircraft onto the landing gear.