Aviation Pioneers

Beverley Bass – The First Groundbreaking Aviatrice in USA

Beverley Bass was born and raised in Fort Myers district of the state of Florida. She spent her youth at her family’s horse farm. She graduated from a high school in 1970, and later on; she studied in the departments of Spanish language and interior design, and got her bachelor’s in 1974. She had always longed for flying ever since she was in her childhood years. Her parents would not let her interest grow in aircraft, because simply not to lose her interest in horses and in her family’s horse farm. Yet; Beverley still wanted to realize her dreams of flying. She dealt with horses for a time, however; when she went to the Fort Myers local airport, she was certain that she would dedicate her whole life to fly in the sky. Seeing that, Bass signed up to the flying courses. When she managed her first flight, as she reports in her autobiography, too; she told her parents that she will keep this passion of fly in her dream from that moment on.

Beverley Bass
Beverley Bass

As she was studying in Texas Christian University for her second semester year. Bass registered in Meacham Airport Without losing any time, which, at that time was a flight school. She also states in her autobiography that she was commonly enrolled in morning classes in an effort that she might be able to directly pass to the airport to proceed on her flight lessons there. Beverley Bass began her flying career for American Airlines only at the age of 24. She was recruited by American Airlines in October 1976. Approximately after ten years, she pioneered as American Airlines’ first female Captain. She leaded the plane models as such: B-727, MD 80, DC 10, B757, B767. Bass retired with 10 years on the B-777. As a devoted female pilot, Bass also witnessed a historical incidence. Beverley was aviating Boeing 777 plane along the way from Charles de Gaulle Airport. At that time, September 11, 2001 terror attacks occurred. As a consequence of the shut-down of American Airspace, and in the course of the Canadian Government’s Operation Yellow Ribbon, the flight which Beverley Bass led was commended for landing at Gander International Airport. When she was proceeding her career in Gander International Airport, she witnessed the days of attacks that included in the musical show “Come from Away”, which was a Tony Award-winning musical. Along with all the difficulties and adventures she faced; she had a total 32 year of career in her life.

Bass married to her current spouse Tom Stawicki, and they had two children. Her daughter is now 25 years old and she is undoubtedly a steadfast pilot in American Eagle, following her mother’s lead. Empowering female aviators all around the world, Bass is the founder of a nonprofit organization where she continues her devoted work with the women. She had a total 32 year of career in her life, and she is still a world-known pioneering pilot encouraging women all around the world with her philosophy of: “Women can fly!”

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