Continuous Climb and Descent Operations

Continuous Climb and Descent Operations (CCO & CDO) are aircraft operating techniques enabled by airspace and instrument procedure design and facilitated by air traffic control.

Benefits of CCO & CDO ⬇

  • Reduction in pilot and controller workload through reduced required radio transmissions and ATC intervention
  • reduced fuel burn through optimal engine thrust settings
  • Cost savings
  • CO2 emission savings
  • Less noise
  • More efficient use of airspace

By removing level-offs which require high thrust in order to maintain a level flight in low altitudes on the approach phase, environmental and financial savings can be achieved with the help of continuous operations.

What’s the buzz?

CCO & CDO are innovative flight techniques optimizing your climb and descent, slashing fuel burn and emissions. Think less level flight, more continuous gliding towards your destination.

Climb smarter, descend smoother:

  • CCO: Power up with optimal engine thrust and speeds, reaching cruising altitude efficiently. No more wasteful step climbs!
  • CDO: Dive into fuel-saving descents, minimizing time at lower altitudes where engines guzzle gas. Think steady, controlled drops.

Ready to take off?

CCO & CDO require collaborative effort: airlines, air traffic control, and airspace design all working together. But the rewards are worth the ride – a win-win for airlines, the environment, and passengers.

References and Further Reading

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