Aviation Pioneers

Enoch Thulin, Swedish Aviation Pioneer

Aviation is a field that has created lots of opportunities for all of humankind. This is why interest in this field is quite common all around the world. Therefore, developing the aviation industry was an endeavor that people from many different countries took upon themselves. This global effort to create a better world through this new technology made this industry what it is today. There are numerous individuals to thank for this progress, and we will learn about one of these people with this blog post: Enoch Thulin.

He was one among the many aviation pioneers that had a vision, the right mindset and the willpower to create something great. His story started in a small town in Sweden and then he became an influential figure in aviation whom we have a lot to learn from. As a brilliant engineer who did a lot to propel this industry forward, his lifestory is definitely worth learning about. So, let’s dive in and start learning about this pioneer of aviation from Sweden.

enoch thulin
source: ftfsweden.se

Early Life And Education Of Enoch Thulin

Enoch Thulin’s story started out in a tiny village in Sweden on the 15th of September 1881. He was born in Simris, a small place in the Scania province that is located in the southernmost part of the country. Not a lot is known about his childhood but it is safe to say that he must have been a very smart kid. Because he started studying aeronautics in 1908, which was a field in its beginning phases at those years. Four years after the beginning of his studies, he wrote his thesis on aerodynamics: “About air resistance to flat surfaces”. The same year he completed his flight tests and completed his degree, also getting a Ph.D. with his thesis. With a great education under his belt, Thulin was now ready to build incredible machines that would amaze everyone.

Enoch Thulin’s Career

After completing his education and getting his aviator diploma as well as his Ph.D. Thulin bought an aircraft and started living in Landskrona. Here he would start many projects and build aircraft, automobiles and other useful machines. He founded AB Thulinverken, an aircraft manufacturing company. Then, in just a couple of years, the company became very successful, employing about 1000 people. Also, he started his own flight school to be able to train his customers on flying.

Thulin’s Untimely Death And His Legacy

For Enoch Thulin, aviation was not merely what he built his career upon, but it was also a passion, too. After getting his aviator diploma, he completed many successful flights. According to different sources, he died in a plane crash either during an airshow or during practice. The date of his death was 14th of May 1919 and he was only 37 years old. In Landskrona, the place where he lived for a long time, there is a street named after him as well as a school and an airport. Also, a statue is built in the Landskrona harbour to remember his legacy.


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