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Felix Baumgartner: The Jump of Faith From (Almost) Space

Precision skydiver, BASE jumping legend, and supersonic speedster: Felix Baumgartner, the Austrian daredevil, isn’t just about one death-defying jump. Here’s a reality check on his remarkable career:

From Military Man to Skydiving Prodigy:

  • Baumgartner wasn’t just “born to fly.” He honed his skills in the Austrian military’s parachute regiment, laying the foundation for his skydiving prowess.

BASE Jumping Champion, Not Pioneer:

  • While a skilled BASE jumper, Baumgartner wasn’t the first. The term “BASE” itself stands for Buildings, Antennas, Spans, and Earth, highlighting its established practice before his involvement.
felix baumgartner jump
Felix Baumgartner Jump

Red Bull Stratos: Not Quite “From Space”:

  • Though daring, Baumgartner’s jump wasn’t technically from space. He ascended 39km, reaching the stratosphere, but space officially begins at 100km.

Record-Breaking, Not Just Data-Gathering:

  • Yes, the jump provided valuable data, but let’s not diminish its groundbreaking achievements. He broke the freefall speed record, reaching supersonic speeds without an aircraft.

More Than Inspiration, An Advocate for Safety:

  • Baumgartner doesn’t just inspire; he’s actively involved in improving skydiving safety through foundations and promoting proper training.
felix baumgartner jump, skydive
Felix Baumgartner Jump

Felix Baumgartner: A Daring Life, Not Just a Jump:

  • Reducing Baumgartner’s legacy to a single jump undermines his diverse career. He’s a skilled athlete, safety advocate, and a testament to pushing boundaries responsibly.

The next time you gaze skyward, remember: Felix Baumgartner’s journey is more than a thrilling spectacle. It’s a story of dedication, calculated risks, and the constant pursuit of progress.

Table of Felix Baumgartner Record-Breaking Attempts:

Highest BASE Jump1999Jumped from the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, achieving a height of 333 meters (1,093 feet).
Highest Parachute Jump2003Jumped from an altitude of 30,390 meters (99,700 feet) over El Paso, Texas, USA. The jump was aborted at 29,490 meters (96,750 feet) due to technical issues.
Highest Parachute Jump (successful)2012Jumped from an altitude of 38,969.4 meters (127,852 feet) from a helium balloon over Roswell, New Mexico, USA. This broke the record for highest altitude jump and freefall distance, as well as achieving the first supersonic freefall with a speed of 1,357.64 km/h (843.6 mph).
Table of Felix Baumgartner Record-Breaking Attempts

Additional attempts:

  • 2010: Baumgartner attempted a jump from 36,576 meters (120,000 feet) but aborted the jump due to a leak in his suit.
  • 2012: Baumgartner attempted a test jump from 31,000 meters (101,700 feet) but had to be rescued early due to technical issues.


  • All information and dates are according to publicly available sources.
  • This table only includes Baumgartner’s attempts at breaking specific records. He has participated in numerous other jumps and BASE jumps throughout his career

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