Rynair keeps flying to keep being serviceable

Despite running just a small number of flights (SAR, repatriation…) nowadays due to covid19 Rynair is operating most of its fleet.

Rynair, most of its fleet consisting of B737-800, a budget Airline company, operating frequent ‘Ghost Flights’. Without passenger, they takeoff, fly in the vicinity of the aerodrome, make some circles and then land.

According to SimpleFlying, who collected data from 47 randomly chosen planes of Rynair, 35 planes made loop over aerodrome and they fly at least once in four days.

A Ryanair spokesperson told SimpleFlying “In order to ensure our aircraft are serviceable for both passenger repatriation flights and essential flights for the transportation of urgent medical supplies, some of our crew and aircraft must remain available and serviceable in line with Boeing requirements and EASA regulations.”

On the other hand, the carbon footprint of these ghost flights are open to critisizm of that desicion.

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