The World’s Biggest Airports

As the aviation industry grew, airports have become overcrowded areas with the ever-increasing number of passengers. As it became difficult to squeeze all passengers into a single terminal and park all planes in a single apron, the airports were expanded with new terminals, aprons and runways, and even airports began to become living centers.

Mega airports have reached such huge dimensions that; You can feel as if you are in a city when you are inside. Here are the 11 largest airports in the world, which host millions of passengers and take off and land every day, and according to the size of the area they cover.

11. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) – 32.4 square kilometers

Suvarnabhumi Airport is known as the largest international airport in the Southeast Asia region. Opened in 2006, the airport is now the main hub for Thai Airways, Thai Smile, Bangkok Airways and Thai VietJet.

Suvarnabhumi has three main terminals. While international flights are operated from Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, Terminal 3 serves only domestic flights. The airport has two parallel runways.

10. Cairo Airport (CAI) – 36.3 square kilometers

Cairo International Airport started operating in 1945. Located in Heliopolis and being the busiest airport in Egypt, this square is the center of Egypt Air and Nile Air. Cairo Airport has four terminals. Three major terminals serve both domestic and international passengers. In 2011, a new terminal, called the seasonal flight terminal, started service at the airport. The purpose of this terminal is to reduce the operational load on other terminals during the pilgrimage season. There are two runways at the airport.

9. Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG) – 39.1 square kilometers

It started service in 1999. Pudong Airport, which is the hub of Shangai Airlines and China Eastern Airlines, has two major terminals. Domestic and international flights are managed from Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. In addition to the third terminal planned in 2015, a satellite terminal and two new runways have been included in the airport expansion plan. The airport currently has four active runways.

8. George Bush Airport (IAH) – 40.5 square kilometers

In 1969, this airport, originally called ‘Houston Airport’, opened its doors. It currently serves as the second largest hub (hub) of United States, one of the three giant airlines in the USA. The A, B, C, D and E terminals at George Bush Airport, which has five terminals, serve both as domestic and international lines. The airport has five runways.

7. Beijing Daxing Airport (PKX) – 47 square kilometers

Beijing Daxing, which is ranked 6th in the list of the largest airports in terms of the size of its area, also has the title of the largest single-terminal airport. Opened in 2019, the airport has become the hub for three major Chinese airlines (Air China, China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines).

There is only one terminal at Daxing Airport. However, the terminal attracts a lot of attention with its project, which has five passenger lounges and resembles a starfish from the sky. The airport has four runways.

6. Orlando Airport (MCO) – 50.9 square kilometers

Orlando Airport, which was put into service in 1981, has become a major hub for Jetblue, Southwest Airlines and Spirit Airlines. The Airport has a main terminal divided into two terminals, A and B. Each of these terminals is divided into two smaller terminals that operate both domestic and international flights. There are four runways at the airport.

5. Washington Dulles Airport (IAD) – 52.6 square kilometers

Generally known as Dulles Airport, the square started service in 1962. The airport is the first and main hub of United Airlines. The terminal complex of the airport consists of a main terminal and two middle area terminal buildings. Dulles Airport has four runways.

4. Dallas / Fort Worth Airport (DFW) – 69.5 square kilometers

Dallas Fort Worth Airport, which is the main hub of American Airlines, started service in 1974. The Airport has 5 terminals. Terminal A is completely used by American Airlines and GRoyal Terminal serves the Saudi Arabian royal family, official guests and government officials. Dammam Airport has two runways. The remaining B, C, D and E terminals serve domestic and international passengers. There are a total of seven runways at the airport. Dallas Fort Worth is the only airport in the world with four asphalt runways longer than 4000 meters.

3. Istanbul Airport (IST) – 76.5 square kilometers

Istanbul Airport, which opened on 29 October 2018 and started full service on 6 April 2019, has been designed to have six independent runways with 2 terminals that can reach an area of 76.5 km2 and an annual passenger capacity of 200 million when all stages are completed. As of now, the airport, which has a single 1.3 million square meter main terminal building and three independent runways, is the center of Turkish Airlines.

biggest airport
Istanbul Airport

2. Denver Airport (DEN) – 135.7 square kilometers

Denver Airport, which is the headquarters of United Airlines and Frontier Airlines and one of the bases of Southwest Airlines, entered service in 1995. The airport, which has a single terminal hosting three large halls named A, B, C Concourse, has exactly six runways.

1. King Fahd Airport (DMM) – 776 square kilometers

King Fahd Airport, also known as Dammam Airport, started its operations in 1999. The airport serves as the main hub for Saudia, Gulf Airlines and Flynas. The airport has three terminal buildings. The six-storey main terminal hosts both domestic and international flights. The Aramco Terminal, operated by Saudi Aramco, serves private airlines, while the Royal Terminal serves the Saudi Arabian royal family, official guests and government officials. Dammam Airport has two runways.

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