What is INAD Passenger?

People who are not allowed to enter to the country at the airport are called INAD passenger. The meaning of INAD passenger is actually “inadmissible passenger”. It is used as a civil aviation term in international airports.

Passengers who are designated as INAD are sent back to their country by the airline company the passenger travelled with according to the authority of civil aviation laws.
This situation may occur for the following reasons. Firstly, if passengers cannot deliver the documents requested from them in complete and original form to the border control officer at the international arrival terminal. Secondly, if the documents they submitted become invalid due to any mistake. In such cases, they may face the risk of being INAD by the border control police. As a result, passengers are boarded by the airline company and sent back to their countries.

Passengers who are not allowed to enter the country by the border control police or officers are not admitted to the country they want to enter and are subject to investigation by the security teams. For passengers whose inquiries are concluded as INAD, the officers call the airline company and give status information. The airline company is responsible for the repatriation of passengers.

Reasons for INAD

In fact, INAD means not taking passengers into the borders of the country of origin. Passengers may have INAD passenger status for the following reasons. The passenger visa is invalid or the transit passenger does not have a transit visa. For this reason, in cases where you are going to fly abroad, you should make sure that your visa procedures are complete and correct.

INAD passenger

Passengers who will fly as transit passengers need to know in detail the transit visa rules of the country to which you will be traveling with a connecting flight. The consequence of being INAD is that passengers return directly from the airport to their country with their belongings. If the plane of the passengers is returning to their country, the authorized people contact the plane and the passengers are sent back to their country by that plane. If there is no seat on the plane of arrival or if the passengers’ plane does not return to their country of origin, the passengers are taken to the waiting rooms for the return flight at the nearest hour.

Sometimes the passenger may have to wait for the return flight at the airport for days due to special circumstances. For this reason, you should make sure that all your documents are correct and that you have completed the valid documents on your international flights. Before traveling, it is beneficial to have full knowledge of the visa rules of the country you are going to or the country you have to visit as a transit passenger. In addition, you should follow the rules carefully.

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