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Aviation Tests and quizes where you can see, check and shine your aviation related skills. Questions that you can measure your level of knowledge about aviation. Express your opinion about Quizes and Tests in the comments.

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aviation tests
Aviation Aptitude Tests
Cube Folding Tests, aviation Tests
Cube Folding
The Angle

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Sample Tests

Num. Reasoning – Spatial Orientation – Inductive Reasoning – Cube Folding – How Many – Mixed Questions…

Numerical Reasoning Sample
Spatial Orientation Sample
Cube Folding Sample

Aviation Tests – FEAST ATC Tests

Feast test is a computer-based test developed by EUROCONTROL. These tests measures the capabilities of ATC (Air Traffic Controller) candidates such as visualization, sorting ability, planning, multi-tasking, alertness, english listening and comprehension which are really required to be an Air Traffic Controller.

To prepare for the FEAST exam, you can download the application prepared by aviationfile for mobile devices.

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